We Partner with Agents of Change to Strengthen Our Communities.

We work with organizations and communities that share the vision of the world system.

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We work with federal and local governments, community based organizations, and corporations to improve the social determinants of health for all.

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We Engage in Multi-Level Partnerships That Share Our Approach of Systems Thinking.

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For OGG, global is local and local is global, because throughout the world, systemically underserved groups are struggling for the same overriding goals to address their peripheralization and strengthen their rights to make their own decision. If you are a funder, community leader, community member seeking training, community organization seeking funding, or any other interested party, get in touch with us.

What We Do

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The Outreach Global Group team uses multidisciplinary strategies to improve public health in all communities.

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Public Health Workforce Development

We recruit, retain, support, and train the Public Health Workforce.

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Foundational Capability Improvement

We strengthen federal and local systems, processes, and policies.

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Data Modernization

We deploy scalable, flexible, and sustainable technologies.

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Technical Assistance and Training

We provide training, evaluation, and coordination support for organizations.

A Few Of Our Trusted Partners

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The Outreach Global Group Team is Dedicated

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The Outreach Global Group team is dedicated to working with populations who deserve better systemic support by providing funding pathways.

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