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We're excited to introduce you to the wealth of benefits and features available through our exclusive membership portal. By joining our community, you will gain free instant access to resources, connections, and opportunities designed to foster collaboration and growth within the non-profit and outreach sectors. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this vibrant network

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Our online membership portal is packed with valuable features to help you make the most of your Outreach Global Group experience. As a member, you will enjoy:


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  • Connect with other organizations by viewing their profiles and exchanging messages for assistance, guidance, and networking opportunities.
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Engage in meaningful conversations, share your ideas, and learn from the experiences of other members in our open public forum.


Discussion Board

Dive deeper into public health and healthy living topics with our dedicated discussion board, allowing you to collaborate and brainstorm with like-minded individuals.


More Benefits

By joining the Outreach Global Group online community, you'll also gain access to exclusive content, updates on upcoming events, and opportunities to participate in webinars and workshops designed to strengthen your organization's impact. With our membership portal, you'll have everything you need to make a difference in your community and beyond.

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