Programs and Projects

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We lead projects funded by The White House, Human Resources and Services Administration, Mayor’s Office of Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C. Department of Employment Services, and United Way.

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Stop COVID-19 In Our Community! (SCOC)

OGG is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration to provide COVID-19 mitigation services and increase vaccination among marginalized communities.


District of Columbia COVID-19 Health Promotion Campaign (DC-CHPC)

OGG utilized funding from the District of Columbia Mayor's Office of Community Affairs to recruit DC residents to train as community health workers in Fall 2020.


Choose Healthy Life (CHL) and Be Health Empowered (BHE) Group

OGG worked with the BHE Group and United Way to train stakeholders in community health work and pandemic response.


Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP)

For two consecutive years, OGG provided training in public health, professional and personal development topics for youth and young adults in Washington, DC.

The Outreach Global Group Team is Dedicated

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The Outreach Global Group team is dedicated to working with populations who deserve better systemic support by providing funding pathways.

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