We Allocate Funding and Resources To Improve Health Outcomes In Communities

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We use various funding to address historical oppression.

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Everyone deserves systemic support to reach their full potential. We work to ensure communities have the power to live as they see fit.

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Public Health Workforce Development

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We recruit, retain, support, and train the Public Health Workforce.

Work with healthcare agencies, faith-based organizations, and civil society groups to increase health and workforce literacy.

Conduct health emergency planning, management and training, particularly focused on pandemic preparedness.

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Foundational Capability Development

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We strengthen federal and local systems, processes, and policies.

Partner with property developers to build homes, community centers, libraries and clinics that promote safety and wellbeing.

Assist community-based organizations to develop proposals for funding, particularly in areas emphasizing income generation, entrepreneurship, self-actualization, and gender-responsive programs.

Work with federal, local, and private stakeholders to improve systemic public health operations and policy.

Increasing climate resiliency for communities of color through skills training and income generation opportunities, and increasing communities' involvement in advocacy and policy.

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Data Modernization

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We deploy scalable, flexible, and sustainable technologies.

Provide a secure, scalable foundation with appropriate automated data sources to enable timely and complete data sharing, break down silos, and reduce burden on data providers

Transitioning towards faster, more interoperable data for real-time decision-making and health protection.

Identify, recruit, and retain critical workforce in health IT, data science, and cybersecurity to steward large data quantities and generate meaningful public health insights.

Engage with state, territorial, local, and tribal partners to ensure transparency, and address policy challenges to create strategic and problem solving partnerships

Support new ways of thinking by providing foundational support in modernization and aid adoption of unified technology, data, and data products.

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Technical Assistance and Training

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We provide training, evaluation, and coordination support for organizations.

Train organizations to develop proposals and navigate funding systems.

Increase climate resiliency for communities of color through skills training and income generation opportunities, and increasing communities' involvement in advocacy and policy.

A Few Of Our Trusted Partners

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The Outreach Global Group Team is Dedicated

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The Outreach Global Group team is dedicated to working with populations who deserve better systemic support by providing funding pathways.

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